Welcome to the New Hanover County Public Library North Carolina Room Preserve Perspective Project. The mission of the North Carolina Room is to focus on the heritage and history of the people, places, culture, and natural environment of the Cape Fear region, the City of Wilmington, and the state of North Carolina. The NC Room invites residents to submit art, music, recipes, stories, oral history, and other local works to this collection so your perspective can be preserved. Archives and special collections are kept to leave a legacy for those after us to build on what has been done before. The North Carolina Room is inviting you to be a part of that legacy.

Submission Rules

Please ensure that your content is original and that you own the rights. The item(s) you submit will be curated into a collection, so every item may not be accepted.

We are welcoming a wide range of digital content. If you are not sure if your content is acceptable or if you are unsure how to digitize your content, please email cwhite@nhcgov.com for questions.